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Are you ready for a magical trip through a beautiful autumn forest, where you'll learn lessons on joy, sadness, anger and fear and meet some wonderful friends? 

In this engaging story, readers from seven years and up can go with Sitou on an inspiring journey through a beautiful autumn forest. Sitou meets a scared, talking hedgehog by chance. This makes her curious and compassionate, and she learns that even the tiniest animals have emotions. Together, they set out on a journey to find out how to recognize fear, sadness, anger, and joy in yourself and others and what they can teach you. The assignments included in this book will help you figure out how to use the lessons Sitou learned on her trip and implement and learn from them in your own life. If there is a child out there who has trouble with their emotional well-being and the story and activities in the workbook can help them feel better, that would make the author very happy and proud. Parents, guardians, teachers, and therapists who want to help kids' emotional health and intelligence are encouraged to do the same. This book will help you talk about tough subjects in a fun way. The assignments help children 7 years and up to: •explore their own emotions •recognizing emotions in others •coping with their emotions •what they can learn from specific emotions

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