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De Billenbijter = The Bum Biter

cover meerdere billenbijters.jpg

De Billenbijter (The Bum Biter) is a naughty little creature. It loves children's buttocks. Everywhere he spies on them, He watches with his big eyes. There is only one way for kids to defend themselves: to give the Bum Biter a taste of it's own medicine :-) The Bum Biter is a joyful and exciting book for toddlers and could be their first introduction to reading. It is written in rhyme and has attractive black-and-white illustrations by Christianna Moraiti. After reading the book, the child is invited to make their own bum-biter so they can play and have fun chasing after their (grand)parents and friends. English version will be available end of 2023/start 2024

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