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  • How do I order De Billenbijter?
    At the moment De Billenbijter is only available in Dutch. You can contact me via my email address (see contact) and I can send the book to your home address after I received the payment for both book and delivery cost.
  • Where can I order Sitou's Journey into the World of Emotions?
    In the US, UK and Canada, you can order on Amazon, publishing date 30 September 2023: In the Netherlands will publish it from September 30, 2023.
  • Why is the illustrator's name not on the cover of Sitou's Journey into the World of Emotions?
    The illustrator transferred the rights to the illustration to me. So, I own the intellectual property rights to the illustrations since I have described in detail how each illustration needs to look like and provided the illustrator with feedback during the process. Because I want to give her the recognition for her beautiful work, her name is written in the Colophon and on the several platforms the book can be bought. She can use the illustration for her own marketing purposes.
  • What does De Billenbijter book look like?
    The book is a hardcover square 18x18cm. It has a black and white print and 250 grams paper quality. It has a bit of an 'old school'-appearance :-)
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